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thalidomid ved myematose 11 GCE NODE companies, the University of Agder and Mechatronics Innovation Lab are part of NODE’s joint pavilion at ONS in Stavanger.

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opal ring tom wood Jan Helge Viste is the new Project Manager for Digitalization at GCE NODE.

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cleverbot evie norsk “An abundancy of clean energy and an ecosystem that promotes business. These are the two natural advantages which make Agder attractive for foreign investments,” says Nora Rosenberg Grobæk, Head of Invest in Agder.

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lady perfection takmaling GCE NODE, Equinor, MacGregor and Origo Solutions recently met with high-level representatives of a number of Japanese offshore wind companies.

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arbi dubai video songs downold Center for Offshore Mechatronics is an 8-year long research program aimed to develop autonomous operation and condition monitoring of topside drilling systems.

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tanin show 2000 The Mechatronics Innovation Lab fills a void in the Norwegian innovation system. There is a need for more pilot-testing, not only in the oil and gas industry.

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fant cannabis på rommet til ungen Several industry clusters in Agder are familiar with robots. Increased use of robots and automation could see more jobs, previously outsourced to low-cost countries, return to Norway.

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